Our Products

Our Products

Our commercial playground equipment is designed and built with you in mind, whether you’re introducing little ones to play for the first time or seeking a challenging system for experienced playground warriors.

So the quality of your school playground equipment is important. Details like shatterproof plastics and strong steel platforms make a huge impact. We focus on those little details so you can focus on the magic of play.

Playground Design Considerations

Age-Appropriate Equipment & Activities

Playgrounds  need to have equipment and activities designed for school-aged children, and if you have children from kindergarten through teenage years, you may need separate play areas for each to ensure safety and adequate challenges. Activities and school play equipment that is safe and fun for older kids may not be appropriate for younger children.

Surfacing and Shade

Consider pour-in-place, loose fill, and other surfacing options. All have their advantages when it comes to safety and budget, and all can prevent injuries caused by impact and falls from playground equipment.

Another consideration is shade. Shade can protect children from burns and can also keep your playground equipment from getting too hot, which can help protect your investment.


Safety is a top consideration for playgrounds, so you will want to make sure the equipment you buy meets or exceeds standards established by organizations that set standards and create regulations for commercial playground equipment. .


Even the safest playground needs careful supervision to ensure safety. You can help by considering playground design elements to make caregivers’ jobs easier. Make sure each piece of playground equipment can be clearly seen and is visible to someone standing outside the playground. Also, provide site furnishings such as benches so teachers and other adults can supervise children comfortably.


An inclusive playground is one that is accessible to children of all mobility levels. Building inclusiveness into your playground means creating enough space around playground equipment so caregivers can help children who need it. It can also mean creating quiet and cozy spaces for children who may need quiet time to decompress. When considering design, you will want to ensure children of different abilities can use the equipment.